Half a bar of Whittaker’s Almond Gold was consumed in the creation of today’s posts and figuring out what goes where.

Bear with me please, this will take only a few days. Exciting days abound.

For example, today I sent off my first ever business cards for printing. I have to collect them in an hour. This excited me like a new toy excites a kid – Is this a good analogy? hmm…

For the next three days Im going to be part of an interesting series of events which will have 12 Indian Dalit, tribal and Bhasha writers (more on the categorisation of Dali, tribal, Bhasha) in conversation with 6 Australian Indigenous Australian writers. There will be talks, readings and discussions. I hope to put up pictures and quips/quotes from the events (i.e if I’m allowed to).

More on Facebook and the website for the event, if you’re interested.