My name’s Jasmeet. I moved to Melbourne from India in 2012 in the pursuit of a life of words. I’ve been sitting on this blog since a long time, not knowing when and why I don’t make it public. So here goes.

I love reading and writing. I am interested in writing about food (eating and cooking it), feminism, social justice, the arts, migration, representation, the writing life and hope to post regularly around these and other streams on my blog here.

I am a freelance writer and have written features and op-eds for the ABC, ArtsHub and Eureka Street and hope to write for many more publications.

Australia, and specifically Melbourne has brought me in close contact to a lot of things I did not know about myself. And for this I will forever be grateful to this wonderful city and the people I have met here.

Anyway, so this space is going to be about me sharing stuff with you, and you reading it and either agreeing or not, either way ~ do read.

Not-so-fine print: This is all work in progress, so readers making comments to help me shape and fine tune my ideas about what works or not will be dearly appreciated.


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