What does diversity in Australian writing look like?

Today is a wonderful day! I have had two firsts: my first time ever speaking at a writers’ festival and the publication of a personal piece in an Australian literary magazine. (another blog post on this, soon)

As a freelance writer it is a challenge to be able to write stories and essays for myself, from my own sensibilities AND get paid for it. I have to constantly look at my next deadline, next pitch and ask for work, the terms and conditions for which are set by others.

So it is a joy when I can write a personal take on something I deeply care of about and feel close to. I feel happy that this is my first creative personal piece in an Australian journal because it is about my respect for Indigenous Australian writing and an expression of my discomfort and disconcerting negotiation in an Australian literary landscape as an Indian writer who’s only just arrived in Australia.

Read the piece by clicking here or below.

Broadening the narrative around and about diversity