Family violence

Of late Australia’s been rocked by some terrible cases of publicised domestic violence cases which have included deaths, trauma for the injured and abused and shame felt by members of the communities (which are spread all-over Australia, frankly) in which these cases have occurred.

Family violence campaigner Rosie Batty’s selection as the Australian of the year for 2015 brought the desperation and ugliness of family violence to the fore and opened up conversations on a national scale. She as a mother had the terrible misfortune of losing her eleven year old boy Luke to the violence perpetrated by her ex partner.

In February this year, I had the opportunity of speaking to some members of the Indian community about family violence, council assistance and recovery options open to them. I wrote up a piece for Eureka Street, an online Australian Today journal of analysis, commentary and reflection on current issues in the worlds of politics, religion and culture.

It’s a short 600 word piece, have a read and tell me what you think.